The Ultimate Morning Routine to Transform Your Day

The Ultimate Morning Routine to Transform Your Day

Posted July 20, 2020 by Tiana Carlyle
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The secret to internal peace and a balanced lifestyle lies in a rich morning routine. We sometimes tend to overlook the essence of developing good morning habits. This is one reason why we feel unproductive for the whole day. The trick lies in being consistent about your morning routine and acknowledging that the a.m. hours should be treasured. Morning is no doubt the most valuable part of your day. However, you can only shape a perfect day for yourself if you are healthy- both mentally and physically. You just need hard work and daily affirmation habits to get yourself started on following a good morning routine.

Once your routine is fixed, the instant you wake up, your mind will be full of positive energy. A few things which are included in the routine may prove to be fruitful e.g. exercise, a rich breakfast. Practicing gratitude, and have time for some self-care helps as well. Reviewing your agendas for the day will motivate you. It will also let you avoiding screen time as soon as you wake up and will make you feel light and fresh. We will discuss these things in detail, and if followed, this morning routine can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

1. A Quick Exercise

After waking up, one of the most beneficial habits to help you freshen up instantly is exercise. Not only does it have a positive effect on your body physically. But it also has a favorable impact on you mentally. You don’t always need to perform a vigorous exercise, even a short walk will help. Adding this small effort to your morning routine will make a huge impact on your mind and body. These exercises will sometimes include stretching, deep breathing, and squats. Exercising in the morning lowers your blood glucose levels. It also releases endorphins, allows your body to function properly, and also strengthens your body. Moreover, it improves self-control and keeps your impulses in control. Exercise generates courage and a positive mindset. Hence, it is an excellent example of practicing daily affirmation and self-care.

Water is a key element of our body. For our body to function properly we must hydrate ourselves. After a sound sleep, your body requires the energy to start the day by waking up and start working. Hence, water should be the first thing you decide to consume. Hydrating your body is a part of self-care because it allows you to create a base for a healthy breakfast. No amount of skincare products can make you achieve glowing skin you desire if your body has low water intake.

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2. Drink Lemon Water

Drinking a cup of warm lemon water has many detoxifying properties. All you need to do is add a couple of slices of lemon in a glass of hot water and drink this daily. This is a super easy ritual to follow every morning. Lemon water can be a healthy vitamin C source and a good way of getting rid of toxins in the body. It maintains our pH levels in our bodies. Hence, reducing any pain sensation and inflammation in any of our joints and also knees. It also helps in nourishing our brain as well as our nerve cells. Include plentiful glasses of water in your morning routine habits while you plan on doing other things in the morning. It’ll let your body start the day by staying productive.

Lemon water will give you steady energy that will last a day by enhancing the nutrient absorption in your gut. You should drink it as the first thing (on an empty gut) to allow full absorption. Moreover, you should then wait for 15–30 minutes before eating your first meal. Lemons contain many minerals and nutrients, they are full of potassium and vitamin C.

3. Show Your Skin Some Love

And not just your face! It is amazing how many people don’t take the time to prepare their skin for the day. Admittedly, skincare can be a bit time consuming. But 10, 20, or 30 years down the line you’ll be glad that you did it. When you wake up in the morning, washing your face is an awesome way to make youself feel more awake and refreshed. Also, hydrating our skin with a nourishing lotion or body cream plays a key role in keeping us young and wrinkle-free. And probably the most important part is applying sunscreen – even in the winter. Sunscreen is such an important component to our overall health that most people tend to neglect. Spend some time developing a skincare routine that best fits your needs. 

4. Have a Nutritious Breakfast

We have all heard the saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, it is true that the meal you choose to break your fast is the most valued meal of the entire day. What you consume in the morning is indeed what your body will assimilate and function on for the entire day. It is the food that will activate your complete digestive system. So, to increase your daily activity, you should eat a rich and healthy breakfast every morning. Try including beneficial ingredients such as dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts. Fresh fruits like avocados, blueberries, raspberries, banana, and apple provide you with instant energy. Instead of having oily foods, one should include fruit parfaits or yogurt, oats, and low-fat cheese in your morning routine meal.

When you eat a variety of different foods in the morning, you will be getting several nutrients. They will be good for your body’s well-being and self-care. Those foods will provide you with energy while creating the platform for good decisions throughout the day.

We have talked about different healthy habits in your morning routine that will mostly affect you physically. Mental and emotional well-being is equally important. Hence, we should make an effort to enjoy our inner peace. There are many self-care habits like a daily affirmation that you can adopt. These practices will have a healthy impact on your mind and soul.

5. Practice Gratitude

Being optimistic is a major key to happiness. Expressing contention with the things you have will help you fight depression. This cycle of gratitude should be in your morning routine. With a smile on your face and a hopeful approach towards life, you will easily breeze through any rainy day. 

Studies have now proven that expressing gratitude and positive affirmations have numerous benefits. Those benefits include improving relationships, emotional well-being, and self-care, and physical strength. On the other hand, it regulates the sleep cycle, builds up your mental stamina, and increases your overall happiness. 

This is why daily affirmations and feeling grateful is such an immensely empowering habit to adopt. Begin your day by being grateful for those tiny things that occurred the previous day or last week. It could be something extremely ordinary and small. Mostly, we just focus on our problems whatever things which are not working out well in our everyday life, causing friction, sadness, and anxiety. This, sadly, feels like constantly rewriting your life’s script with a pessimistic or tragic overtone. These thoughts then drain the energy out of you and you feel exhausted without doing anything. Your subconscious will always follow what you perceive. So its good to have habits that reflect gratitude and thankfulness when practicing daily affirmation.

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6. Jot Down tasks

It is essential that your morning routine involves writing your daily agenda and goals. Jotting down your prime tasks and chores early in the morning will help you feel focused and in control of your day. Making a list in the morning will make your entire day more organized, allowing to you prioritize and manage your time in a better way. This practice will also help you remember everything you are supposed to do. It prioritizes your chores, enabling you to divide and dedicate your time to tasks accordingly. After you have jotted down your tasks- whether it be on your phone, in a journal, or on the back of an empty envelope- you will find it easy to follow a certain schedule throughout the day. You will be able to simplify your whole life by adjusting your energy. It takes just a couple minutes but adds some efficiency to your day when added to your morning routine.

The good thing about this habit is that you can identify these chores and finish them as soon as you can in the day. Even if you have other tasks apart from the ones you have written about, you will feel a sense of achievement having completed some work. Try to find different ways to integrate your entire morning routine into what you are doing already. Set small reminders and alarms so that you are well aware of how to manage tasks parallel.

Research studies have shown that having concrete and solid goals can directly increase confidence. Setting goals according to the demand of the day helps to put everything into action. Narrow down your tasks and shortlist your goals to a few achievable ones that can then be broken down into steps. Then watch how your entire day is transformed. 

7. Listen To Some Uplifting Music

Uplifting music has an incredible impact on our emotions and your mood, especially during the morning. It sparks us emotionally and tunes us into a rhythm of a more positive aspect of our day ahead. The majority of the people like to wake to their favorite tunes or listen to music while performing their daily chores. If you tend to be more selective and careful about music you listen when you start your day. It can have a very optimistic effect on your morning routine.

For instance, if you are feeling low or down, you are prone to listen to a kind of music that understands your mood. This has an impact on reinforcing that particular type of mood. What you need to do is the total opposite.  Reinforce your emotions and mood by listening to music that has a different beat. Listening to good music is a part of positive daily affirmation and will enhance your sense of self-care.

Music is considered the best stress-reliever. It is also a way to stimulate your senses and cherish your morning moments. To multiply your daily productivity, you could spend some time listening to some soothing music. The music will not be overly engaging for your nervous system and ease up your burden. Select the kind of music that awakens your soul and mind. 

8. Meditation

Meditation also boosts the activity in the part of your brain that’s linked with positive emotions and experiences. Some research claims that meditation helps fight depression and anxiety. Others believe that regular meditation as a part of the morning routine may increase our pain tolerance.

It sets a calm rhythm for the whole day. That feeling of peace and control doesn’t just last through the early morning hours but also has an impact on you the entire day. It gives you a more energetic vibe. The endorphins released in the brain by meditation are not only good for your psychological well-being. Morning meditation and daily affirmation will make you feel more conscious and alert.

Daily affirmation and meditation during the morning also help build focus. Having a few minutes of peace and stillness during the early morning hours will allow the subconscious mind to perform in a better way. You will be able to enhance your productivity because of the clarity and direction your mind will achieve due to morning mediation. It will also give you a sense of self-care, mental, and also spiritual well-being. Meditation might not directly change your life or what happens in your life. But meditation during the morning will surely change your approach towards life and how you perceive different things. It will change your way of feeling and thinking, by introducing to you a more organic and peaceful ideology for life. It will allow you to deal with everything with poise. You will feel like a much happier and satisfied person because of morning meditation.

Final Thoughts

A little effort goes a long way when starting your morning right. Even your small investments made into establishing a quality morning routine can transform your entire day. It will help you feel empowered and productive. All you should do is a bit of motivation and consistency and the routine will soon be ingrained in your lifestyle. The good thing about habits and schedules is that the more you practice them, the simpler you will find following them. Once you get familiar with a healthy routine along with daily affirmation and sparing time for some self-care, it will make you realize how precious early hours are. And how they positively affect your spirit, body, and you as a whole.

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